Properties Of All Types Of Glass Used In Construction

Glass has been a significant part of our lives ever since it came into existence. In today’s era, we have glass in one form or the other. Hence, we can’t deny the importance of this art form. Glass is typically an inorganic solid material that can often be transparent or translucent. When it comes to glass, it’s crucial to know that today glass exists in multiple forms according to modern-day needs.

Here are the four basic types of glass

Point Supported Glass

The point supported glass is one of the most popular forms of glass used in buildings and other structures. It is a form of Glass that provides better transparency and other architectural advantages. Today architects use this form of glass to eliminate the visual constraints between the interior and the exterior of a structure. Since the introduction of such Glass, it has brought revolutionary advancement in the development of modern structures.

Curved Tempered Glass

Curved Tempered Glass is a form of glass that is soften using temperature to a point where it’s possible to be curved to obtain the desired shape and structure. After the glass gets molded in the preferred form, it’s then passed through a process where it is cooled down to achieve the glass’s shape. This form of glass is also known as bent tempered glass, and it has been through major improvements.

Prismatic Glass

Prismatic glass is the type of smooth from one side, and the other side is formed into ridges with sharp edges so that the glass can reflect the light that passes through it on various surfaces. This glass form is used in different structures to achieve the desired lighting effects by reflecting the light on multiple surfaces.

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