6 Common types of Glass Used in Construction

Glass is a popular material used in construction for myriad reasons but especially because of its visual appeal. It can be used as a structural component or a cladding material or an external glazing material. Moreover, it is used to make subtle-looking fenestrations on facades and conventional windows. Here are some of the most common types of glass used today in the construction world.

Structural Support Glass

The structural support glass is generally made of the toughened or laminated glass. It is known for its high strength. This glass is basically a frameless assembly of glass in which a part of the structural load is taken by the glass itself instead of any supporting frame. This creates a much brighter and clearer view. The structural support glass includes glass floors, frameless glass roofs, lift shafts, frameless windows, glass walls and partitions, shower enclosures, facades, etc.

Tempered Curved Glass

The tempered curved glass is known for its flexibility. Unlike other glass pieces, it does not break into shards. To make the tempered curved glass, the annealed glass is reheated to its softening point and is molded according to the requirement. Examples of tempered glass include windshields and display cases.

Digital Printed Glass

This modern digital printed glass is mostly used for decorative purposes to make the indoors and outdoors more appealing. Different images, designs, or texts are printed into the glass to make any space look more appealing. For example, digital printed glass is used in most restaurants.

Prismatic Glass

Prismatic glass is a kind of glass in which one side is smooth and the other side has sharp ridges. This versatile piece of glass adds angles to any space. These are mostly used in the construction of windows. Basically, the light reflected passes through the sharp ridges of the windows and throws the light at the interior. This glass is usually available in a variety of styles.

Laser Engraving Glass

The laser engraving glass is the one in which the contour of the glass is changed through any designs or text. It is used to print different images, texts, and logos for marketing or ornamental reasons. It is commonly used in mugs or wine bottles. The glass is cut or engraved when the laser strikes it.

Mirror Glass

The mirror glass is the glass that reflects the image. The wall-hung mirrors and mirrored closet doors are the most common examples of the mirror glass used in our daily lives.  

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