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5 Amazing Benefits of a Curved Tempered Glass

The major difference between normal glass and curved tempered glass is its strength. The curved tempered glass is 4 times stronger than the normal glass. The strength is provided to the tempered glass through various chemical and thermal treatments it is supplied with. First, flat glass is heated over 630℃ until it becomes red hot. After this, it is transferred to a bending station within the furnace where it is bent to a target radius. The glass can be molded into different directions and could be bent crosswise, where the glass flows. It is then tempered by cooling to trap high energy forces, and finally, it comes out of the furnace. Some of the benefits of curved tempered glass are the following:


The most valued benefit of bent tempered glass is that it is very safer. The extreme strength of the tempered glass makes it resistant to breakage. But, if in some cases it breaks, its fragments are harmless. There are no sharp shards in the pieces of the tempered glass-like in traditional glass, which leads to severe injuries. Choosing tempered glass keeps you protected from such damages.

Scratch and Damage-Resistant

The curved tempered glass is a perfect choice for residential doors, commercial windows, partitions, and doors because it can withstand higher forces and is also scratch-resistant. The tempered glass surfaces of glass doors, display cabinets, and windows remain flawless and crystal-clear. It can even stand up to daily wear and tear.


If the normal glass is exposed to heat, it will shatter, causing harmful shards of glass to disperse. But the high-quality tempered glass can tolerate all such high temperatures. This is why the curved tempered glass is also mostly used in bathrooms, where there is exposure to hot water.

Designs and Patterns

The curved tempered glass for building is available in versatile designs and patterns and also with the most incredible rates. In all the residential and commercial spaces, innovative and stylish effects can be added with these curved tempered glasses. Patterned, frosted, clear-colored, engraved, and other versatile options are available.

Easy to Install and Clean

The tempered glass is very easy to install and is fixed to the desired place smoothly. Also, it is very easy to clean. The fingerprints, oils, and grease can easily be removed with a cloth, and all dirt and dust are easily extracted.

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