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Shenzhen Googo Glass Co., Ltd is one of the leading prismatic glass and switchable glass manufacturers of China. We are your one-spot solution for all types of China prismatic glasses and switchable glasses. We are continuously offering growth for productive and innovative technology and stocks as our preference in glass manufacturing. GooGo glass is specialized in composite glass stocks supply, emphasized with Jumbo and enormously over-sized glass, we have the expertise to produce your idea into an actuality. Please visit our products page for several recommended products made by the top China prismatic glass manufacturer and supplier of the global market.

All products provided by GooGo glass are always checked and meet the criteria set by the authorities as ASTM standard. We are gratified to have satisfied projects both big and small globally. Contact us for a quote to your projects at



What Make Us Most Demanding in Switchable Glass Manufacturers Market?

Googo Glass is the leading China prismatic glass manufacturer and switchable glass supplier. Glass is an excellent material, but its functionality significantly improved when it is processed or modified to give added essential capabilities. The overall representation of glass elements in a structure can be considerably improved when they are meant to be part of a comprehensive glass design structural system.Read More


What is a prismatic glass?

The type of glass that is smoother on one side while sharply-edged on the other side is known as prismatic glass. It is used in interior designing and architecture as it has remarkable properties of reflections that can be used in windows settings. It can throw light in the interiors without any disrupting scatter.

What is a switchable glass?

It is the most innovative type of glass that can be altered as the heat, voltage, or light is applied. This glass is mostly used in modern constructions as it can turn from transparent to translucent in a blink of an eye as it can actively change and block the wavelengths of light according to the user’s need.


How does switchable smart glass work?

Switchable glass is the most modern glass type which has the ability to block the wavelengths of light and therefore turns translucent from transparent as the heat, light, or voltage changes in a room. It can alter the light entering a particular space by turning opaque actively.

How much electricity does switchable glass use?

Switchable or smart glass can normally operate under ideal voltage and electricity conditions. The standard voltage recommended for smart glass to function is 110 VAC (standard line voltage). The power consumption of smart glass is up to 3-4 watts per meter square of the glass.

Do prism glasses really work?

Prism glass works in a way that they combine two objects into one while giving the eyes of the user an impression that no strain is being caused. It has remarkable light reflection properties, which allows the user to have more light in the interior settings such as a conference room, meeting area, and likewise while protecting the eyes from getting strained and pressurized.

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